//]]> When transplanting any plant at all, you should always prepare the new pot first because it ensures that the roots don’t sit out and dry, or break under the weight of being out of the pot and smothered in all that dirt. They are inexpensive, low … You can use any combination of these to make up your soil; that’s entirely up to you. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); " /> If transplanting more than one petunia plant, space the holes 12 inches apart. If you want to save most of the plants that have germinated, you’ll need to transplant them to larger containers for growth to planting-out size. See, a list of blog articles covering the basics to help you with your garden in southwest Idaho. Olinguito You should wait until after the last spring frost to move them outdoors. Mexican petunia plants are perennials that grow in USDA hardiness zones 7 to 9. To produce stocky plants, continue to grow the plants in a cool Sabudana Dhirde Recipe, Hamlet Act 1 Quotes About Revenge, Petunia seeds are very small (dust-like!) Because of this, there isn’t a set time frame to when you should transplant your seedlings. Transplant the petunias into individual 2- or 3-inch diameter growing containers filled with a high-quality potting soil after the seedlings grow three true leaves. After frosting is over, and when the soil temperature measures 60 degrees F, transplant petunia plants in well-drained garden soil. I like transplanting to pots no smaller than 48 cell inserts for standard nursery flats. Space seedlings about 10 inches apart in a window box or planter. ga.async = true; If you planted your petunia and grew it correctly last year, it’s probably time to transplant it into a bigger pot so that it has clean, fertile soil and more room to grow. //