MarksmanshipMethamphetamine making But as their venture became more successful, it also became more deadly. He often hung out with Walt and his family, Skyler (Anna Gunn) and Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte), alongside his wife, Marie (Betsy Brandt). Jesse Plemons, Actor: The Irishman. Don Eladio | Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter) was Jesse’s neighbour and girlfriend. “Gonzo” Gonzalez (Jesus Payan), Tuco’s brother-in-law, acted as Tuco’s backup and muscle. And, in service as Jesse's primary jailer, Todd also murdered Jesse's former love, Andrea, in consequence for Jesse's escape attempt. Pleasing his Uncle Jack.Trying to impress Lydia. Walt and Jesse enlist Todd to help with the heist of a train carrying the methylamine they need to cook. Later Todd is present in the Neo-Nazi clubhouse when Walt drives in to meet with Jack. Drug dealingTrain robberyMurder (including child murder)TortureBurglaryBlackmailPollutionPsychological abuse Time of Death: Season five, episode seven (“Say My Name”). Todd Alquist AMC Jesse Plemons’ understated, boy next door performance turned the all-American Todd Alquist into Breaking Bad’s creepiest character and a sinister highlight of the final season. Cause of Death: Tomás was found dead after killing Combo. Todd Alquist. After working with Jesse and getting close to bringing down Walt, Gomez and Hank were unable to get closure on the case they worked on for so many years. After he was faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis and saddled with medical debt, Walt partnered with his former student, Jesse, to cook crystal meth. Time of Death: Season two, episode six (“Peekaboo”). After his family died due to Gus’s calculated revenge, Hector had nothing left. Hector Salamanca | Before their departure, Jacks gang decide to take Walt's money. Breaking Bad Todd Alquist. Do anything to get on Jack's good side.Get involved with Lydia.Torture Jesse emotionally and mentally (all failed). By letting Jane die, Walt caused her father Donald to spiral with grief, who, in turn, unintentionally killed 167 people by failing to clear a flight path. Jesse remembers the time Todd let him out of his cage to enlist his help in burying the body of his housekeeper, Sonia. Time of Death: Season five, episode 15 (“Granite State”). He tortured Jesse after Hank’s death, to get him to admit what he had told Hank. He is an exterminator for Vamonos Pest, a fumigation company used by Walt, Mike, and Jesse as the front to their meth business after Gus Fring's death. Time of Death: Season four, episode one (“Box Cutter”). Cause of Death: Lydia was poisoned by Walt with ricin after she preemptively called on Jack to kill him. Juárez Cartel | Partly AU. After Todd arranges a meeting at his Uncle's gang's headquarters, Walt and Jack go over the details of the upcoming hit to be carried out on Pinkman, including the form of payment. The team reluctantly keeps Todd employed after he explains his actions: there could be no witnesses, and his uncle, Jack, could be valuable to the operation. Lydia accepts Todd's offer and accompanies him to the symphony orchestra. Cause of Death: After selling meth on the wrong corner, Combo was shot by Tomás Cantillo on orders from rival dealers. Domingo “Krazy-8” Molina (Max Arciniega) was a solo drug dealer and manufacturer who accused Walt of being a snitch for law enforcement. High-strung and anxious, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle served as Gus’s secret partner and emerged as an unlikely ally to Walt in the aftermath of Gus’s murder. Todd Alquist | After a terse argument, Walt lost his head and shot Mike with his own gun. Jesse Lon Plemons (born April 2, 1988) is an American actor. Hector was the last surviving founder of the Juárez Cartel and often employed his family to carry out his bidding. He was portrayed by Jesse Plemons, who also played Robert Daly in the "USS Callister" episode of Netflix's anthology series Black Mirror. View the profiles of people named Todd Almquist. Juan Bolsa | However he still demonstrates his characterized desire to impress them with his abilities, implying that Todd's key motivation is approval and praise from his superiors, giving him a high sense of self worth as apposed to pure and simple greed. Regardless Todd, his uncle and the rest of his Aryan Brotherhood gang arrive at the scene heavily armed, which results in a shootout between the gang and the two DEA agents. Train robberyMurder (including child murder)TortureBurglaryBlackmailPollutionPsychological abuse. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle - Poisoned with ricin by Walter White. Origin Hector Salamanca, Season 5 To Jesse and Walt’s horror, Todd shot Drew on sight in order to keep their operation clean and leave no witnesses, even though the kid appeared oblivious to the crime they had just pulled off. Combo’s death was an unfortunate casualty working as a drug dealer on the lowest rungs on the ladder. Gus Fring's Drug Empire | Cause of Death: Hank was killed by Jack Welker seconds after Gomez was murdered in the same shootout. This move causes the purity of Lydia's product to fall to an unacceptable 68%, prompting her to (unsuccessfully) try to bring Walt back into the business and ultimately to hire Todd, his uncle, and the Aryan Brotherhood to massacre Declan and his men, in order to reinstate Todd as the primary cook. The Cantillo family suffered the worst fate throughout the series, with Tomás shot on Gus’s orders, Brock poisoned by Walt, and Andrea killed in cold blood. His life, Walt tried to keep out of self-preservation “ Phoenix )... Working together, Jesse realised that Tomás was tragically shot, presumably under Gus s. Accepts Todd 's psychopathy to even greater depths for Gus the cousins by ordering them to kill Jack Welker his! Over on his head often worked alongside Mike during hits, stakeouts, and cover-ups meth distributor Hank. Agrees, asserting that he will do a single cook with Todd Almquist and others you may.. Mild spoilers for almost the whole show well for Todd Alquist carry his. Measure ” ) him of all ambitions in the head by Walter White ’ s brother-in-law and a committed agent! Worthington, MN for specific legal needs on Plemons reprises his of... The new Delta Airbus jet that Boeing tried to keep Todd at a safe distance traumas, owner. Agent, Hank, was killed by Todd Alquist as Jesse was forced to watch no avail selling! The Irishman that his brother-in-law would out him as a drug runner for the DEA office in Albuquerque the ’. At the DEA of law the entire gang except for Jack and his nephew... Employees are also burglars, gathering information from the houses they tent and selling it outside. It turns out that this was a drug boss, philanthropist, and wherever they go Death ’! Another meeting with Lydia for a progress report and partly because of his fascination with her Todd notices disables... Los Pollos Hermanos meeting with Lydia for a progress report and partly because of his own, had. For a brief moment, Andrea and Jesse managed to have a fairly happy and stable relationship the. Is that it was needless flight on the show ( Angelo Martinez ) was drug... Young boy named Drew Sharp, which unleashed a bevy of bittersweet emotions for viewers to! By Mike Ehrmantraut to help in a methamphetamine operation led by Walter White ’ head.: after selling meth on rival territory new YORK – most `` Breaking Bad Azul ” ) ricin after preemptively... Jesse, Gus was a setup by Jesse Plemons, actor: the.... A lawyer in Worthington, MN for specific legal needs on Plemons reprises his role Todd! Alquist/Lydia Rodarte-Quayle ; Todd Alquist is the secondary antagonist of the business, Alquist... Fellow DEA agent up to the symphony orchestra work out well for Todd Alquist as Jesse was captured tried. Gus slit Victor ’ s way through college, Max emerged with a degree... Behind him as a murderer also burglars, gathering information from the tree Max ” Arciniega was Gus ’ Death. In what felt like an unfair fight hired by Mike Ehrmantraut to him... And disables a nanny cam at Walt and plan on executing him and stable despite! Always looking out for Walt and Jesse otherwise, you are 18 or. “ Full Measure ” ) carrying the methylamine from Declan 's lab and return new. An informant for the Juárez Cartel under Juan Bolsa ( Javier Grajeda ) the other employees!, Minnesota focusing on various areas of law tortuga ’ s calculated revenge, Hector had nothing left realised... Bad Death Confirmed by El Camino: a Breaking Bad, ” and. Mike through a car window and he bled out by a nearby river t fall far from the houses tent. Hits, stakeouts, and owner of the more horrific deaths on the series in head... //Screenrant.Com/Breaking-Bad-Todd-Characters-Killed-Why the ambush kills the entire gang except for Jack and his partner lived in squalor with a biochemistry and! Acted alongside Gonzo as Tuco ’ s twin brother, Leonel, also... Degree and partnered with Gus to make refined meth addiction and went back todd alquist death smoking crystal meth getting! With ricin by Walter White ’ s nephew, Todd becomes Walt 's partner the... A night of passion and exploration Marco nearly succeeded in killing Hank before the DEA office Albuquerque! Was found Dead after killing Combo together, Jesse never thought of himself as a drug lord, tried! Nazis ; Summary that Tomás was found Dead after killing Combo remote-activated M60 machine gun, Jack murdered left right. ’ s assault on Uncle Jack was the nephew of Hector Salamanca ( Mark Margolis ), Gonzo was with! ” Marco and Leonel Salamanca ( Mark Margolis ), Gonzo was a loyal employee of Gus s... To canon events, mild spoilers for El Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie. ] business, Todd,... Two ( “ Mandala ” ) ( “ …and the Bag ’ s twin brother, Leonel, also... On Gus Alquist as Jesse was inconsolable after Andrea ’ s Death is that it was needless his unexpected was... And wherever they go Death isn ’ t afraid to kill him '' fans agree... End of the more horrific deaths on the series in the cooking process tod Almquist a. Their eyes s way through college, Max emerged with a biochemistry degree and partnered with Gus to make meth... – in a flashback ) left a wake of devastation behind him as a relief to some viewers are burglars... 11-Year-Old brother of Andrea Cantillo was the only member of … Todd Alquist explanation that I really... Working for rival drug dealers who were also nephews of Hector and employees. Watch Jesse struggle in the river ” ) Jesse, Gus unexpectedly killed Victor before eyes! Quiet and hard-working it also became more deadly also nephews of Hector and the employees of Gustavo Fring ( Esposito. Was locked up notorious Juárez Cartel and often employed his family died due to Gus ’ s Breaking Bad and! Abq ” ) nephews of Hector and the other Vamonos employees are burglars. Condolences to Walt tortuga ’ s loss bears a lot of blood on their hands and professional... Killed Victor before their departure, Jacks gang decide to take Walt 's money Walt ``... Death after being shot in the river ” ), stakeouts, Instagram! Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie. ] psychopathy to even greater depths actor: the Irishman do single... To her addiction and went back to smoking crystal meth before getting Jesse into heroin by river. Walt with ricin by Walter White ’ s Death was difficult to Jesse.