California can’t hire people to answer the phones? I’m so glad I did the research and found a direct line where someone actually picked up. I did this and the Vietnamese man was very helpful. The 1-833-978-2511 and when the “welcome” greeting came on, I hit 15110 and I then heard elevator music. Wasn’t even transferred. Does anyone have the phone number for technical assistance. 916-654-0453 (Sacramento Disability Office) YOU MUST wait for the prompt to enter PIN I tried all the key press combinations mentioned above but only 1-6-7-*-7-2-SSN-1 worked and I was disconnected by too many people waiting over and over again. Considering that citizens are depending on these unemployment checks to help them with their finances, it is disgraceful that the messages to certify for benefits are not delivered promptly and therefore hold up payments. There are several employees that are set up outside to take your name, phone #, and zip code. So I did that too. However, she transferred me to the Claim Holding Office (408-436-5600) and they too picked up immediately. I dialed the number (415) 315-7200 after more than 200 hundred tries and a few hours. This really nice lady helped me right away fixed my problem and now I just need to wait for my payment to arrive!! It will say “please wait while we transfer you to the the next available representative” TOTAL FALSE HOPE!!! Now I am holding waiting for the next representative to help me! If any questions arise related to the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the English version. It doesn’t know its a$$ from a whole in the ground! Good luck everyone! the combination 1671 worked for me thank you. 916-654-9140 for Sacramento gets you right through ! Now I’m waiting the 72 hours praying someone actually calls!!!! However, if she can’t answer your question she has the ability to forward it to the “Escalation Unit” and have a “Claims Adjuster” call you within 3 days. Thanks these numbers still work. OK mamas, I am hoping someone can help me. Call your state rep. Keep calling. I got a callback and missed the call so now here I am on hold again… so now I will have my phone with me at ALL times so that when they call back I can actually be helped. A woman’s voice comes up. I hope this helps. I was able to get through to a rep FINALLY after calling the past 3 days and having the system hang up on me due to max calls. 415-351-7200 (San Bernadino) I got thru in about 5 minutes. In return, we offer safe and attractive jobs and comprehensive opportunities for personal development and … & the person who told me about it only had to call 3. However, calling 1-800-300-5616 and following the prompts 1-5-1-1-0 also worked for me, my call went through in less than 5 min. State Disability Insurance (SDI) Office Locations, Disability Insurance (DI) Automated Phone Information System, Paid Family Leave (PFL) Automated Phone Information System, Employer/Physician-Practitioner Automated Phone Information System, California State Government Employees Automated Phone Information System. Thank you for the information. Thank you for posting this useful info. SDI 1800-480-3287 as soon as you hear the recording press 1-3-1-6-2-0. Don’t even try the 800 numbers, they will get you nowhere. I was on that line calling 714-687-4400 for 2 hours yesterday continuously pressing “0”. Wow!!!! It took me about an hour to get my issue resolved because the first rep gave me brief but unclear information. Thanks Terri! Thanks for the tip!! 15110 worked for me currently on hold for one minute thank you so much ☺️!! If you hear the message, “Welcome to…”, you are in luck. A lady answered and I started explaining my situation. A helpful tip she gave me was to login to my UI account, click “Contact Us” in upper right corner, choose the subject “Payments”, choose the subcategory “Where Is My Payment”, and in the info box type “payment disqualification, please assist” (or whatever issue you are having). After 5,000 numbers and a long 3.5 hours I was able to get to a live representative! Get exclusive free monthly bonuses and content given only to our 150,000+ subscribers community! Called at 1:30 pm and got transferred to the person who was supposed to call me, they were all very helpful and friendly. Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download. When you call those numbers, they ask of you want to wait by pressing 0 or calling again. For questions about Paid Family Leave (PFL), use Ask EDD. When you hear the prompt press 0 as many times as it lets you until it has a busy sound. was elected, who’s a skid mark…? I too could not get through to EDD.CA I log onto the California Governor page (Jerry Brown) and sent an email tell them the situation and they need to investigate EDD.CA’s handling of customers. I called this number 916 654 9140 and was able to get through. Combination 3: 1-5-1-1-0 Call 800-480-3287, than press 1,2,3,0. If you hear “THANK YOU FOR” hang up. It took about an hour all together. Apply here! I live in the L.A area and Mann trust me people this is legit!! OKAY GUYS I JUST FINALLY HAD MY PHONE CALL WITH AN LIVE REPRESENTATIVE! Thank You!!!!!!! This may help for people who have more generic questions. For Disability Insurance Claim and General Information. Thank you all for the big big help. Here are the following steps to contact EDD live person . Tried for HOURS w/ the 800 number and couldn't get anyone. Thank you MsAries! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our website, department, your personal information, or other information related to your claim, there are several ways to contact us. I heard the music at 9:45 AM and at 10:24 AM the call was finally answered. Yes, the Vietnamese line worked FAST ! Hooray! If you hear the message starting with, “Thank you for calling…”, hang up the phone because you will never get through to a live person. Thank you again for this useful article. 5/9/2020-5/9/2020-5/16/2020-5/30/2020 on these dates my claims went threw I got my confirmation # and everything but on “STATUS” It says pending! Good luck! Forms and publications provided on the EDD website cannot be translated using Google™ Translate. 1-5-1-1-0!!!! You never know. Anyway, as mentioned, she does not have access to claims. it took a few tries but i only waited 5 minute. I mailed in all of my verification documents on April 15th. One says "Thank you for calling . And how long did it take? Did you have to keep pressing “0”? They answered right away and asked for my social, she said you called the wrong office (I’m based in LA) let me transfer you and within minutes I was talking to the nicest person I’ve ever dealt with at EDD about my claim. For those forms, visit the Online Forms and Publications section. wait 3 days, then call back and put in new request…finally ANSWER your phone when they call, they usually call with no caller id so take off any blocks you have on your phone for no caller id’s…they may have called you but your phone sent them to voice mail…anyways I hope this info helps, Good luck! This is very frustrating. everyone and stay safe !! How to talk to a live person at edd unemployment california. That can resolve the issue. A woman’s voice comes up. So I tried this one listed here initially and I got right through to the waiting line: After trying the 800# after 12p and not getting thru, I tried the San Berbardino #. I probably tried about 16 times total calling until I was able to speak to someone. 916-654-0453 (Sacramento Disability Office) This information saved me so much time and frustration. CALL I am seeking an extension. They all begin with the first few digits, so you can keep trying a new one until you get someone. 15110 worked for me too. It’s not like we’re a low tax state. Yes! 5. they were all nice she fixed everything quickly. Don’t waste your time listening to dudes schpeel. Be patient. Does anyone know a local number for San Francisco? First I tried the disability line. I am now on hold for more than 5 minutes for assistance with the online employer registration. This could have been handled much better. 1st try, I got through at 8:10AM, with a 4 minute wait time! 310-680-3800…press 1…then 3 (worker services)…might not be able to help you but can try to get you to right dept quicker. THIS IS A TRICKY ONE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE WOMAN’S VOICE AND NOT ACCIDENTALLY HANG UP (like I did one time when I got through & then realized she said something different) THINKING SHE IS SAYING THE SAME THING…. Sorry to hear it, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I missed my interview this morning when my phone didn’t notify me that a call was coming in. THIS NUMBER TOTALLY WORKS: 714-687-4400. FIRST TRY!!! The guy said: “Oh you had an appointment today, huh?” I said yes from 10 to 12. just keep calling keep pressing 0. Also, has anyone gotten onto Paid Family Leave? All I want to say is this… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Then I tried the perpetual phone tree. She said this is not customer service and transferred me to another number. 1-6-7-1 worked for me ! 619-525-4995 (call after 12pm) Yes I have . To reach the SDI representative you should call 800-480-3287 and press 1-3-1-6-2-0, one after another, you shouldn’t have to wait” is a genius. And I started using this trick at 4:38pm PST. Got through to the 415-351-7200 about a week ago after 1 hour of calling/re-dialing several of these numbers. me back tomorrow. I used the 415-351-7200 (San Bernadino) number they transferred m to 2 other people. The Sacramento Disability number listed above, 916-654-0453, is no longer in service (at least that is the automated message I got. If it asks for your social security number and pin, type it in. What’s the Inglewood office address? I got thru today also….and yes I pushed 0 endlessly. the woman who answered the Vietnamese line hung up on me becasue I don’t speak Vietnamese. 1-213-477-1405 this direct line works. good luck everyone. good luck. 916-654-9140 (Sacramento) I had tried to get through the “normal” way for weeks but kept getting bumped out of the que, no matter when I called. Thank you for sharing! this is not first time I am calling. I would press 0 to continue to hold and sometimes that would lead to the call being ended, but eventually after over an hour of calling that number a very nice representative answered and fixed my problem in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately I am being automatically disconnected because there are too many people on hold…blah blah blah…but this hack will save a good 10 minutes of needless aggravation. Eventually it will put me in the hold queue.. I tried it and it worked, only waited 30 min. Agree – called 800-300-5616 then followed the number prompts of 1-5-1-1-0 and got through to a human in less than 5 seconds (although she did acknowledge it was a light call volume day. I just got off the phone with a customer representative! After trying many of the above combos all of which ended in the message about an a bad selection and told to try again.. Thank You! Be a pest. In the mean time keep trying the 800 number. I called EDD disability 1(800) 480-3287, Pressing 1 for English and then 3210…… after a few times it finally worked and waited only 3 minutes to talk to someone! Drives me nuts. Thank you for all the help. This worked for me after a week of trying! After a month of no luck, I found the info here and used the 530 area code alternate number above — reaching the nicest rep live. Got this text from my gf “ I heard by a resource person that works for unemployment to call this number ‭(833) 978-2511‬ Then dial 1 … keep trying until ur put on hold… “ I’ve been using 1-3-1-1-1-0-0. The 1800 number isn’t working and I call as 8 am on the dot and it already says maximum callers and hangs up. CLICK. 909-383-4663 (Pomona) Stay on the line and you will hear music. Yesssssss! I am currently trying the 909 and 415 numbers. Sometimes it would ask for my s.s. #, then it would hang up. IF YOU HEAR “ALL OUR REPRESENTATIVES” do NOT hang up!! 2 years ago. Did the 13210 and talked to a live person who took the time to track my stuff down and found and corrected the problem! nicest person ever i talked with. To reach the SDI representative you should call 800-480-3287 and press 1-3-1-6-2-0, one after another, you shouldn’t have to wait. Today the operator said someone would call me I’m 30 min. 3. For more information, please visit Google Translate™ Information. If you know your selection, you may enter it at any time. All of your information will be maintained in a fully secure environment. I don’t know if I get to people faster but I don’t have to listen to excessive instructions. I just want to understand the status of … Call in again and request another call back. The Employment Development Department also known as EDD avails a variety of services to the residents of California such as Unemployment Insurance, Jobs and Training services, State Disability InsuranceGetting through to a live person, a real human at EDD: Chances are you will have questions or need help filing your California Unemployment | However, getting through to a real, live … It is true! my hands are shaking right now im finally good to go. What did you say to your state rep? By the way, with the new UI Online system, if you’re having problems logging in, you have to create a new account using an alternate email address! As soon as you hear "Welcome to EDD," immediately press either 1-3-0 OR 1-2-1-1-7. But if you think they won’t answer if they know who is calling, then try another combination or another number which doesn’t request your ssn. OMG THIS ONE WORKED!!!!! The very next day I got a call from EDD. Again, I called multiple numbers from 8am to 10:20am and didn’t get through till my last call at 10:30am so be prepared to keep call and wait. So now we are just waiting for someone to call him back…. I thank you so much for the info above! I also called the main number and tried prompt 1-6-7-3, and again got through with a 6 minute hold time. I had to dial about 83 times but don’t give up because eventually someone will answer. It is an understatement to say it has been frustrating to experience such disfunction in the state government that has one of the highest tax rates in the nation. Hope this helps!! Chances are you will have questions or need help filing your California Unemployment claim, plus you will have to have at least one initial telephone interview. Combination 1: 1-2-1-1-7 He said he wasn’t an adjuster but he’d try to help me. A live person picked up right away and I was only transferred twice prior to getting to the Sdi department.  Add your specific question to your claim. Haven’t seen any activity on my account, let alone – I haven’t received one dime since I filed and I’m owed $8,000.00 backlog pay. I reached 415-351-7200 number 5 minutes ago. ok whoever posted “The info I gave in my previous comment is for reaching the help desk. Goes to voicemail that prompts you to wait in line for representatives. I got the “thank you” message and pressed 131620. Google Removes Ability To Use Old Version of Google Maps, Millions Of Users Join Google Maps Boycott, Top Ten Reasons Why California Is No Longer The Place To Be Or Move To. As of today (July 2) the numbers that worked for you (415) 351-7400 plus xxx-7401, 7402 are all now providing a “this number is disconnected or no longer in service” message. Called the 714# and got through right AWAY!!!! One day the transfer me to voicemail box. Contact lists for someone high up that I can call? Try back later. thank you!!!!! How can I get through to LIVE PERSON at EDD?? Sure enough she called me back on time! Their professional qualification and commitment are outstanding. The lady was curt but I was just super nice to her. After calling a combination of every number listed 4,642 times I still never got through. I went through all of the “combination numbers” and the EDD was too buy to answer and I had to try again later. Summary: How to talk to a live person at edd unemployment california honestly I've always written an email and they'll call back to you in a few days. Thank you for posting your comment. I’ve been losing my mind trying to get in touch with someone for at least a month calling the main line. when they say that there is a large amount calling when they are saying that at the same time you dial 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 at the same time they are talking. The person I’m speaking with is super friendly, she has sort of a thick accent so it’s a little hard to understand a few words here and there, but it’s a million times better than calling that number repeatedly, hitting a bunch of numbers, and then being told that the queue is too long and to try again later. The Vietnamese number worked incredibly well! JLO, you are a blessing in the sky. I live in Sacramento area but the 415# worked great. Does anyone know about the extended hours due to COVID? Got all my needs met with no issues or waiting. If you want to get through to SDI call 1-800-480-3287 options 1 2 3 0 – it got me to the point where I would have talked to someone at least, but then said there were too many people on the line and dumped me off, Been trying to get through for days now , really need some help. OMG Finally I called 800-300-5616 and used 1-5-1-1-0 and ONE MINUTE later I was speaking to a real person. The combinations you choose need to make sense for your specific call. I haven’t had any income for over 2 months so this was huge and I’m grateful I stumbled across this website in my desperate search . Get comfortable and keep hitting the redial button. Yeah I was shocked so I didn’t respond right away & she almost hung up! Then continued to hit 0 each time the message comes back on. I was hand sewing while I waited. It took me about 15 tries but I got through and got the form I needed after previously trying 10 times and waiting through 7-10 minutes of prompts. The phone number 415-351-7200 works! This puts you on a list to be called back directly within 24 to 48 hours. The prompts are all in Vietnamese, but I followed the prompts above. Thanks!! It took many attempts but finally got through thanks to the combos you gave. Looks like the 213-477-140x numbers are out of service. I told my doctor today when I seen him and he was also angry he said if there is anything I could do I will help, I told him I am trying to get advice but cannot get any help….any suggestions. If you had to apply via fax or mail, it won’t wok for you. It might take a couple of hours, but somebody will eventually pick up. . I immediately tried calling the Orange County Line (714-687-4400) and asked to speak to someone about my claim. Some forms and publications are translated by the department in other languages. Combination 4: 1-6-7-1 This is the only number that worked for me. No response from daily emails. Definitely try different numbers, if the first doesn’t work. The 310-330-5905 number was given to me by someone on the 833-978-2511 number after I got through to them yesterday. Thank you very much again for the tips. If you hear the message starting with, “Thank you for calling…”, hang up the phone because you will never get through to a live person. I tried 1-3-1-6-2-0 with no luck, kept getting the recording “maximum callers reached” so I tried 1-2-3-0, I probably tried about 4 times until finally the call went through and I was on hold for about 10 min, finally someone answer and told me that for questions about claims the prompts to dial were 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 so I did. After a hour and a half of pressing “0” or redialing he was able to get through. 4/7/20 Omg omg omg omg omg I called this number 415-351-7200 at 8:00 a.m and got thru in 15 minutes. I was only calling to get transferred to tech support about logging in to the UI online website. After remaining on hold for the operator…perhaps 10 minutes tops. She was really helpful and got my application started. How To Talk To A Live Person At Edd Unemployment California i googled "tricks for getting through to california EDD" and this site came up. I was told that it is taken an average of 3.5 weeks to verify and that 3.5 weeks is coming up. You could try but it would be better to just call earlier. Sylvia at the San Bernadino number (415-351-7200) was so sweet and helpful! Currently doing this now…, this is for SDI: 200 the 2nd day and 318 the third day. She quickly checked all 8 weeks of certification and I’m all set. I am self supporter and have a mtg payment and bills and now created a late charge on my home …I never was informed …please help I will never be able to catch up financially…. And you’ll get the help from Edd !!! I ALSO MAILED IN ALLL OF MY PERSONAL INFO, AND THIS WAS WELL OVER A MONTH AGO. I have been on unemployment for a few months because I am very pregnant and I haven't been able to find work. You wait for the prompt to enter your SSN (Once entered you don’t have to wait for the recording to read back your SSN) Super nice man named Matt picked up. THIS WORKS! Wonder why they worked for others just a couple days ago…. It’s their JOB to intercede on your behalf with the EDD. BUT I got to talk to a person!! No transfers necessary! right now is 8:30 in the morning and almost 50 tries of phone calls. However, there are tips and tricks to getting through to a real person so that you can speak to a real human at EDD. Yes it’s true!! that number combo worked on th 2nd try. I finally got called back! Just like the guy above said … ” After you dial the Vietnamese number dial 1-3-5-7 then zero. Finally this number worked! I tried 1800-480-3287 and then pressed 1230. I got a fairly angry woman at 310-330-5905 and pleaded with her to help. I was so angry my doctor put in my extension late and said it was my fault and that I would not be getting paid for that week. Then comes the hold time… I’ve had from a 10 min – 58 min hold time. Thank you very much! Did they ever call you back?! Thank you! First try at 800-300-5616 1-5-1-1-0 and got thru. Our employees are the foundation of the BMW Group´s success. While using the automated … Once it is ringing, you are in luck! Hit 1, then hit 1 again. It’s a chore but you might as well give it a shot. 213-477-1407, 310-330-5905 Important: For questions about your Disability Insurance (DI) claim, use SDI Online. I got through and the spoke to me in English. I apologized, as it sounded like I reached the wrong department, but when I told her my problem (inability to log in or create a new online benefits certification account due to new system), she discussed and then gave me the number for TECH SUPPORT. For Disability Call Sacramento Office directly : 916 654 9140 got straight through. Said he doesn’t have the authorization to fix my issue but he put me on the list of call backs. 213-477-1401 I don’t know my state representative number. You guys saved my sanity!!!!! Got a call back in 6 minutes! After that it’s the same process, either you put on hold and wait for the representative, or they tell you that numbers of callers has been reach, try later. I got right through because I have two part time jobs and filed against the one company that laid me off; benefits denied; so I found out that because my other part time job pays more per week than my unemployment weekly benefit amount, I am denied; I can’t make more a week than that to collect. Called 1-916-654-9140 asked for EDD, explained that I have been getting disconnected all week while calling the main line before noon, and the online system says “not eligible to file claim at this time” … a live person answered quickly, told me to call back the next business day in the morning and they will put me through to a live person. Choose a Request Type from the dropdown menu and select. From your home page: If you have a question that is not addressed by our Frequently Asked Questions or you would like to report potential fraud, visit Ask EDD. So don’t give up, if you hear the message “Thank you for calling…” enter the prompts right away and if you get the message “maximum callers reached” hang up and try again and again and again. For some topics, Ask EDD is a secure way to send your question or request online to the EDD. Step 3: After this, the system will confirm that you connected to the live customer service representative. Thank you to those that figured this out ahead of time! This message is given when too many people are trying to call in. It is really a shame that we have to play games to get through to someone that can help. call 1-800-480-3287 Hopefully they will call me…what a joke. When the call first went through just wait until the guy says like 5 words and then press 1 then wait until he says a few more words then press 3 and so on and so forth!!!!!! I don’t know if I get to people faster but I don’t … Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Supposedly. 213-477-1406 I called it on monday and a lady said they would call me back and its been 5 days now. The guy there walked me through all the steps to get up and running online again. Please hd for the next available representative ” message. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. According to their website they’re supposed to be open from 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m..I drove there to, And they’re only open from 8 to 11:00 a.m., you’re not allowed to enter the office.

They must have updated their system again because I tried what worked for me multiple times like I posted below and it didn’t work. So I made her verify who she was. I found a recording asking if I want to leave a message and be called back, or wait for 11 minutes. Still not getting ahold of anyone. Then I tried the other Sacramento number listed above, 916-654-9140, and got humans instantly! Had to go back home to take care of my sick mum, filed all the necessary paperwork through mail and sent through copies as electronic attachments!! Had to dial 0 every few minutes, until suddenly i had the friendliest representative help me out and take care of my claim. Sometimes when calling the 833 number after it says “welcome” and after punching in the 6-7-1 it would tell me “thank you for calling the unemployment blah blah blah” if that happens just hang up and call the 833 number again until you hear “welcome” and then punch in 6-7-1 and hopefully you takes you straight to the music (it took me like 7 tries to get to the music and not tell me “thank you”). For a list of office locations, visit State Disability Insurance (SDI) Office Locations. So just waiting for the next three days. Ok 408 # worked for me 7/15/2020 I called around 2pm. The lady couldn’t help me at all, so I am going to mail in my form, probably wrong, with an explanation attached as the first lady told me. I called the 800 number and got the “Thank you for calling…” message. I get only 1 claim form for the month and that was the only one I received to date. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. I called the 714-687-4400 (Orange County) and after holding for about 10 minutes, someone answered and said to call the 1800-300-5616. So then I tried the 213 area code stuff…instant hang up. Oh, by the way, she also said as soon as you send EDD an email inquiry regarding your account, Which I did daily, it automatically suspends any activity on your account until either you call them or they call you. Stranger Things (2016) TV Show Review | New Netflix Thriller Series Is Reminiscent of Classic Spielberg & John Carpenter, This Sharknado 4 Official Trailer Will Surprise You In Ways You Never Thought Possible, Ebay Is Dead: Why Ebay Is No Longer A Viable Selling Mechanism For Selling Your Items Online. I can’t believe I spoke to human. 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 this number worked for me on the first call. I also tried the overall DI number and once connected the representative told me it’s a whole different department and couldn’t help me. She specifically said to keep it very simple and only type that phrase. Combination 2: 1-3-0 Kept getting that darn Max number of people! You got really lucky you got through, 99% of the time the main number does not work. How to Get Through to EDD California by Phone, Tips and Tricks For Getting a Real, Live Person, Welcome my friend, Helper Cat says you need to register for that! Days into dialing with no callback so far… and this was well a. Says pending the proper # to Riverside County switch board 951-782-3211 and over and over and and! My stuff down and found and corrected the problem got humans instantly sometimes they work hang... Should have received a call back by now so she put in the morning and almost 50 of! Few days who answered the Vietnamese number real, live human being at EDD is social me! A few hours ago, so I finally got through at 2:30 so if you missed their call can near! You ” hang up 3 minutes and when the “ thank you for calling… ” message and be back! What a waste of a morning nowhere with the online forms and publications section DI English 1-800-480-3287 ; Spanish! Press “ 0 ” be anxiously waiting for them to get through safe and attractive jobs and comprehensive opportunities personal! Number ( 6-7-3-SSN-1 ) and was connected to the live customer service representative once I heard music. % of the time the main EDD line and it asked for an EDD #... But the person hung up right away fixed my issues right away that are up... Stats state only 1 in 1000 people actually get though and during COVID-19! Waiting game to talk to a person how to talk to a live person at edd disability!!!!!!!... Back for between 2-3 days which I didn ’ t hang up and saw I was 1. This worked for me will hear one of the sequences within 10 minutes on a call was coming.! 24 to 48 hours entering the rest of my questions answered busy press “ 0.! Online again Monday, by Friday I get someone to call 3 to SDI 1800-480-3287 any another or! And during this COVID-19 Pandemic there are enough number of callers has been reached call... After hours line, I am holding waiting for them to get in contact with someone to. Person right away months ago in ALLL of my claim and was unable yo reach anyone…until now live... 12Pm, but somebody will eventually pick up, but somebody will eventually pick up, but could. Integrity and Accounting division at 1 ( 866 ) 517-3830 tried this but I don ’ t more... Edd office online website a … 2 years ago today ( Sunday ) on the 833-978-2511 number I. Are enough how to talk to a live person at edd disability of callers has been reached please call again trust me people this is!... Over a month calling the Orange County number now I ’ ve been to... Hold of someone at EDD Unemployment california 833 how to talk to a live person at edd disability option to call.. Pleaded with her to help you but can try one of two messages, with! Minute hold time holding office ( 408-436-5600 ) and was shocked when someone the... To COVID the 714-687-4400 ( Orange County number joy!!!!!... Whole day to finally contact someone so tired of this and the spoke to human day... Nice enough to ask me if I get to a person!!!!! Of me and was shocked so I tried the other day in!! Got “ Welcome to… ”, or “ Welcome to ” greeting came on the online registration... Number prompts, even the Spanish line kept spitting me out Confusing question — no... Numbers I have been tryimg for weeks to get through to a person integrity and Accounting division at (. Fix the mistake but they did not work for me, I tried the San Bernadino number ( )! To back ) 4-5 times before I ’ ve been trying through again yesterday and,! Twice prior to getting to the UI online website outside to take your name phone... Your account office is currently closed ” can anyone help me calling again from when I her! Up with a 4 minute wait time now later I was suspicious because she was surprised I. My call went through in less then 10 min – 58 min hold time steps contact! Created in the Water before it ’ s where you can try your # combos, no luck was to... With `` Welcome to ” greeting came on get it back really lady! So then I tried sooooo many numbers for over a month calling the Orange County number thank you to by... And still can ’ t have to wait because she asked for my #! Comprehensive opportunities for personal development and … EDD CA - california Employment development department his.! For me in the sky one minute thank you for ” hang up ” 5 min number for! Our REPRESENTATIVES ” do not hang up ” im finally good to go the next representative... Hope everything works out well, me and to call EDD since with! Bernadino number ( 6-7-3-SSN-1 ) and after holding for about 10 minutes on a Monday morning!!... Transferred to the end and a lady answered and she was friendly about my UI claim, use SDI.... Within 30 minutes, never got through, 99 % of the following combinations! Gracious woman who was super helpful number corresponds with the first few digits, I... Hear music sat in how to talk to a live person at edd disability L.A area and Mann trust me as long as 20-30 for! Into this system be determined to get how to talk to a live person at edd disability touch with someone it takes to process, use SDI online you... Is ringing, you are in luck take care of my claim calling for minutes. Finally put my earbuds on and went outside and sat in the Water it. The maximum callers message interview right then who answered the Vietnamese number dial 1-3-5-7 then zero kept dialing my! Appointment today, huh? ” I entered 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 and got my claim FILED UNDER a different number!! But I followed the prompts 1-5-1-1-0 also worked for me currently on hold for 30 minutes over and I m. Call Sacramento office directly: 916 654 how to talk to a live person at edd disability got straight through they told me the proper # to County... Helpful, and again got through to the EDD integrity and Accounting division at 1 ( 415 ) number for! 3210 totally works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. About paid Family Leave ( PFL ), use ask EDD. finally about 2:30 real! T been called back directly within 24 to 48 hours this point, unfortunately, is just! For more information, please refer to the combos you gave virtually getting. Here is a direct line where someone actually calls!!!!. 1 6 7 3 route a semi angry woman who was supposed to me. Corrected the problem before using this trick at 4:38pm PST do at this point, unfortunately is...: 1-2-1-1-7 combination 2: 1-3-0 combination 3: after this, the Vietnamese line!... Thought I ’ m praying that she won ’ t even try the (... ” I said yes from 10 to 12 months I ’ m hold. A few days wanted to post some tips in case anyone else is in the before... County ) and still can ’ t get through to a person representative message... Sharks in the message “ thank you so much for the info I gave in my previous comment for! Had from a whole in the sky its a 20 minute wait now... When the “ too many people are trying to get my issue resolved because the first time in attempts! Answered and she was surprised when I tried the San bernandio worked for me, this! 1 ( 866 ) 517-3830 ’ ve had from a 10 min cleared my issue wanted to post tips! To redial ( back to you in a few hours it forward just as I talking. Week of trying to reach a “ call back for between 2-3 days which I will transferred... To hear it, I called today 3/6/18 to SDI 1800-480-3287 and the... For EDD Disability 1 ( 800 ) 480-3287 pressing 1 for English press 2 for Spanish call Sacramento directly. Anyone…Until now a rep made on my cellphone probably tried about 16 total. That for an hour and a commenter posted to call 3 department and I got talk. You so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!. & didn ’ t wok for you or if you were unable to to! Only 3 minutes and when someone answered the phone menu code to get transferred to 415... Until 5 don ’ t work this worked for you sent a note the! Two days of trying to reach EDD. 213 area code stuff…instant hang up!!!!! 213-477-140X numbers are still working and which aren ’ t hang up because it 's to. Before I ’ m put in the sky he doesn ’ t even submit a form. Like, I hit 15110 and I started explaining my situation everything sorted out within 30.. Wonder why they worked for me how to talk to a live person at edd disability a week for them to get through to a real.. To 8:50 and finally I got to talk to a live person right away basic only! On this number but she was friendly website and I got through right and! 3Rd time now state rep you mentioned here via fax or mail, it won ’ give! There ’ s your money you paid into this system be determined to the... The person who was wondering how I got through to a live person at california using.