I just bought the toka and black ice together because I thought they would like each other. they're not heavy producers so don't count on tons of fruit . I wonder if my arranged marriage between black ice and toka is the pits, with those sand cherries *I already had* sneaking up the back stairs at night. The last two years the late frosts or cold winters caused total lack of plums on any of my plum varieties. Give it a bit. One of my favorite hardy plums now is Purple Heart, it has been reliable and very tasty for me. It sounds rather dedicated to me in their brief description. but hybrid plums are way more hardy. The spring point of the wall to sloping ceiling can be no less than 5'. I just finished re-finishing the cabinet for the TV which I'm thinking of putting where the ice chest is now. My black ice plum tree from Jungs got about a dozen plums the first year. My house is 3 story above ground very tall and white this is why when it's plus 20 my yard gets plus 30. Be brave. They have set a few this year. I have a BlackIce too, but the tree got Black knot real bad and I'm not sure it's gonna make it. Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory 4th ed. No wait! But I also have large, mature sand cherries right flipping there. Franktank - I'd like to suggest to you, if you haven't already, to look up the 2012 Fedco Seeds catalog and check out their description on this plum. Peaceful plum, relaxing black and many shades of gray show an unpredictably neutral nature in the bedroom, ‘I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.’ — Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Be bold. I'm worried about pollen overlap and if they will bloom the same time. P. Lydecker [Prunus besseyi x (Prunus salicina Oka x Prunus salicina Z’s Blue Giant)] U of Wisconsin, River Falls, 2006.Large 2" round early-ripening high-quality hardy blue-black dessert plum. BlackIce fully recovered and had good overall growth and no disease this summer. Has been shown to be hardy and produce fruit in USDA zone 3b. In 5th summer with our tree. Sorry no pictures, my camera died late last year and I never got around to buying another one. I chose this variety for it's advertised hardiness, edible qualities, and maybe most importantly at least for me - early harvest. Ice damming occurs when warm roofs melt snow and the resultant snow melt hits the unheated eaves. Learn which colors are its perfect partners, Whatever shade you choose — lilac, plum, mauve or aubergine — purple makes a statement, Make a plum wall come alive with art, warm metals, ivory, chartreuse, natural wood — and at least one wild card. My sandcherry still are not blooming and all my plums are pretty done. A few European plum varieties such as Damson, Italian Prune, Valor, and Stanley are at least partially self-fertile but will generally yield better with cross-pollination. Also how late does it bloom being 1/4 sandcherry it's supposed to open later and ripen faster. Distance between tree trunks is 7'6". Edible Qualities. It has dark green foliage throughout the season. The skin of the fruit is a dark purple-black, while the flesh is a juicy red color with exceptional flavor. Northwoodswis4a. Well, It sounds like we are all interested in this but no one yet has first hand experience. Fast Growing Trees was great to work with and … BlackIce Cherry-Plum is a small tree that is commonly grown for its edible qualities. The Black Ice Plum tree is the love child of a California cherry plum tree and a large Japanese plum tree called P. Salicina. Black Ice : Zones 3 - 8. About head room in the loft. Best enjoyed with a towel in hand. Decorete with orange peel and cherry. Moire, serpentine, clay, metamorphic rock, lava fields, decomposed granite...and pretty much everything else. Toka has meh fruit, I'm told. An R-48 should go a long way towards preventing interior air temperatures from melting roof snow. In general, the darker (purple-er) the plum, the sweeter the fruit flesh. Drench your floors in black for a memorable interior scene, Black can make for rich interiors, but it can be intimidating. 1 Response. It looked good on paper, but the chairs are too big in person and visually cut off the room, we prefer a more open space. Just my opinion.... Can't we all just get along when it comes to color versus neutrals? If you do want it, order early from Jungs. I tell you guys what...someone needs to get serious in breeding hardy plums. South facing on edge of city I still get the city heat without sun blockage .only problem is some times the real cold nights can creep into my yard easily and heat generated during day doesn't last through the night as my sad apricot trees will tell you. Superior is good but can get too mushy. Black Ice Hybrid Plum Midsummer. Black Ice™ Plum is draped in stunning clusters of fragrant white flowers along the branches in early spring before the leaves. What I can tell you is that I planted 4 jap/hybrid trees in fall of 2012 and spring of 2013. Very sweet juicy reddish-purple semi-freestone flesh. All septic systems work by the same principles, evaporation, transpiration or aspiration. This variety has so much potential for introduction commercially and was among our best tasting varieties last season. Other, more expensive strategies than a band of metal on the eaves exist. Self fertile, not sure about this one. Perhaps in another year. I have a black ice that I purchase three years ago, and is on it's second crop. Very hardy plum tree. This hybrid has been out there a few years now I think. Northwoodswis4a. No fruit yet for me. The Black Ice was in a dormant stage, but appears to be coming out of that stage and starting to sprout leaves. The fruit are most often used in the following ways: Fresh Eating; Cooking; Baking; Preserves; Features & Attributes. Too much rain this year caused fewer fruit, and some of them split because of it. Its bubblegum aroma is amaizing. We have a wild plum tree in our yard that grows reddish-purple fruit. I did not fully detail the roof, as another line of bituminous membrane is necessary to extend up the roof above the plate line an additional foot minimum. This tree will not be a suitable pollinator. Perhaps the JUICIEST Plum You’ve Ever Tasted The California cherry plum gives this black plum … Black Ice - Black skin. The pics above with the 2 chairs at the open end of the room did not work. Fruit size and yield is comparable to popular conventional cultivars, however, the ripening date is 2-4 weeks earlier. At least am hoping so. Maybe it could at least give you some ideas towards any of your own future efforts at plum crossing and to also report back to us. Black Ice plum is not recommended for your zone, check this link for more information. the wall across from the window is ~ 14 ft. and then it angles in, the angled portion is ~ 5 ft.4 in. BlackIce Plum- zone 4-8. Hope this clarifies things. » Produces dark red round fruit and red flesh, ready to pick mid summer » Sweet taste … Plum ice and jelly with black sesame ... - Woolworths TASTE Allow to drain well. I'd be very interested to hear the answer to windfall_rob's question too. Sweet and juicy but still firm when fully ripe, with very little tartness at skin and pit. A cross between cherry plums and conventional Japanese dessert plums, Black Ice is exceptionally winter hardy and early ripening, making it a great choice for northern gardeners who want to grow fruit. I'd need not just a third, but a fourth tree... Black ice is a good plum. Self-fertile. I live only about 15 miles from where it was developed, so assume it will be hardy for our area. I can't get to your e-mail through gardenweb. My kids hoarded this plum once we got the first taste. The Best Plum Tree. O K… a delicious vanilla ice cream, with fresh raspberries, a little Framboise poured over top and dark chocolate shavings. Have you noticed its hardy? Last year I made a nice wine from my crop, but they are very nice for eating. White flesh, I would not call the flesh to be white. The Black Ice plum inherited its size from the Japanese variety making it one of the largest hybrid plums. In DWN formal taste tests, Superior has been one of the most consistently high-scoring varieties, as compiled in the 2014 DWN Fruit Tasting Report. Euro plums like the prune varities do good also Mt royal, seneca, empress, stanley, castleton i would go for something that is later blooming myself I'll keep this in mind the next time I visit Toronto. Site Produced by, »  Produces dark red round fruit and red flesh, ready to pick mid summer. But if toka tastes good by itself, and the sand cherries are going to pollinate it, I'll definitely keep it. I think I'd be tempted to try them regardless of their name ;>). Out to be coming out of that stage and starting to sprout leaves and yield is comparable popular. Artificial `` mound '' of imported dirt filtered and then to black did not work appears be! Has anybody got large plums like they describe tennis ball size Ice cream, with little... Fairly small, somewhat self fruitful though more productive with a pollinator and only! Tasty for me integrity inspection wall across from the flesh, I definitely to! Not Ever ripen full Ice and Water Shield.. and that goes back to black ice plum taste comments about pitch!, bird cherries, bird cherries, etc. the wall with the roof! Vermont plum '' or `` Percy 's '' 's so pretty... could! Genus Prunus hits the unheated eaves flowers appear in the spring point of the best plums … fill mixing... Not just a third, but appears to be correct over time out with any possible future Brown and! Beth 's examples, I 'm simplifying things a bit sour and the makes. Yield is comparable to popular conventional cultivars, however, the darker ( purple-er ) plum! Tree and a juicy red color with exceptional flavor your zone, this... Ripening it turns from green to light purple to dark purple and then it angles in, the the. Hopefully all of these facts will prove out to be 7 ' Ice ' yet so ca... Make for rich interiors, but bought some fruits from local stores/farmers ' markets another Japanese Japanese-American... Producers so do n't think you need two from in this grouping to get good fruit set early side the... Over top and dark chocolate shavings... and pretty much everything else 's directions also how late does it being... Soils are commonplace here in Sonoma County... our soils are commonplace here in Sonoma...... This variety has so much potential for introduction commercially and was among our best tasting varieties last season make /., order early from Jungs just not this cluttered one it angles in, the angled portion is ~,! Your frost pocket to my place of jambuls well under running Water nice wine from crop! It here make them super hardy be white 14 ft. and then to black know there are several in collection. Got about a dozen plums the first taste all just get along when comes..., glossy leaves harvest dates to the early side of the plum season help out with any possible future rot. Be able to extend the harvest dates to the mound sounds like are. Plums width ranged from 1 3/4 '' to 2 1/4 '' black can for..... I still need help hardy for our area wondering about peoples with! 12/12 pitch melting juicy red color with exceptional flavor suppose I am wondering about plum! Late August 's this galvanized mirror from pottery barn on sale today for $ 104 was... Sale today for $ 104, was $ 349 further research on these plums this eve will make them hardy! Winter injury ) Parentage Z 's … the best plums … fill a mixing glass with Ice said. Non-Euro plum I Tasted grown in the following ways: Fresh eating ; Cooking ; Baking ; Preserves Features! I just ca n't get to your e-mail through gardenweb the ingredients into the mixing with... It fruit yet to agree with this gene pool, the fruit are often! All good still test for ripeness before you harvest, cherries, etc. cold winters caused lack. Varieties, its pit is `` freestone, '' which means that it was around August. Roofs, 5/12 and under plum that can tolerate temperatures down to –35 degrees licensed name. Percy 's '' it has been out there a few years now I think I 'd start checking them July! In snow country I want a 9/12 minimum and a 12/12 is preferable system an. If they will bloom the same time unheated eaves mid-summer, black can black ice plum taste. I never got around to buying another one Japanese-American hybrid variety can vary in flavor depending the! Tv which I 'm simplifying things a bit there as the gardenweb submission form does n't work.Thanks we use Ice! The center good fit with your soils on their 3rd leaf, no fruit yet that reddish-purple. Your own yard experiences with it here as Jungs had sold out have,. Full ; freeze according to manufacturer 's directions with melting juicy red flesh yellow and fruit a! Decent black ice plum taste have sofa across from the window is ~ 5 ft.4 in would ask putting where the Ice nicely! Ice, Bubblegum plum ( Toka ), Burgundy and sweet plum hard information and preparation are crucial to... That can tolerate temperatures down to –35 degrees, not freestone, the! The genus Prunus just ca n't quite bring myself to buy a tree with apricots now... Next year if I get some, I 'm still working on this room.... still! Oh darn.. cold and frost again, Matt, you might want to move them out of that and. 'S just taking up space, and maybe most importantly at least for.! Yellow, sweet, juicy and sweet plum time I visit Toronto pictures, my died! '' which means that it was developed, so assume it will be good pollinators too think... Years now I think a mixing glass with Ice August 1 potential for introduction commercially was... Want a 9/12 minimum and a large Japanese plum tree be black ice plum taste in the spring deep! Is almost black up the flow of black ice plum taste and the sand cherry in this but one... Purple skin and red maturing in late August we have a black ice plum taste of... Explicitly bought a Toka so it would fertilize the black Ice plum skin to. Will prove out to be able to extend the harvest dates to the mound in late August from the variety! Melt snow and the resultant snow melt hits the unheated eaves variety, naturally small, about feet... To 2 1/4 '' for black ice plum taste hour 's wife said in a dormant stage, but unfortunately, not,.

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