We tried the rain fly for each tent as well, one time rushing to get several of them up during an unexpected rainstorm at night. If you’re likely to be camping in downpours or high winds, don’t rely on a sub-$100 tent. According to Tahoe, this tent is also made from waterproof fabric all around. Winter tents, known as 4-season tents, usually have a strong, rounded or angular design that sheds snow. (Eureka will replace poles for around $10 each.) Unlike the Eureka Jade Canyon 6, which we also tested, the Copper Canyon has heavy poles made of fiberglass and steel. "name": "https://www.outsidepursuits.com/best-family-camping-tent/", You may be able to find the tent at local retailers, though—if you do, we still recommend it. If anything happens to your Base Camp, REI’s warranty and replacement program has an impressive reputation. New and updated for 2020, Vango’s Keswick Air TC 600DLX tops the Keswick range of tents exclusive to Winfields. She’s a longtime hiker and camper who embraced the transition from backpacking to car camping after her first son was born. We’re going to look at both the criteria for a great family tent and you’ll learn all the pro tips I can give you to make sure your next adventure is smooth and fun! It is oddly relevant work for testing aluminum tent poles. Expand To See MoreSee LessHowever, just because it’s waterproof doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for you.The large footprint is heavily consumed by the large screened in porch area. Plus users absolutely rave about the quality and price of this tent. ", The 7-foot center height, near-vertical walls, and 10-by-10-foot footprint put the Copper Canyon among the roomiest of the tents we tested. In the backcountry, campers are generally making camp each evening and then packing up again in the morning, whereas car campers generally leave their tents up for much longer periods of time, increasing the material’s UV exposure. At nearly 16’ x 16’ in size, this huge camping tent puts up a generous 250+ square foot floor space. You then assemble the rest of the tent. According to Tahoe, this tent is also made from waterproof fabric all around. ", The boxy shape is not great in high winds, and the tent’s stakes are the opposite of heavy-duty. Both Olsson and Howe emphasized that a great family tent is one that gets more kids outside—which means one that’s affordable to most families. Also, the Limestone has a list price of about $545, making it the most expensive tent we tested. Those lower-level coatings have stood up just fine to multiple rainstorms. The result is a mansion-like 3-season shelter that’s big enough for a group of six-foot adults to walk around in comfortably. And you can unzip the front door, remove it, and neatly stash it into one of the tent’s internal pockets—a useful feature if you’re feeling sociable. If you still want a smaller setup after reading this guide, be advised that our top pick for couples, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4, also comes in a smaller version: the Grand Mesa 2. Owning a family tent is a fun way to get out into the outdoors and experience adventures that everyone can enjoy. With a peak height of 7 feet and a cubelike shape, the Copper Canyon LX 6 was among the roomiest of the tents we tested, with extra space to help you stay organized and sleep more comfortably. Best Family Camping Tents – 2020 Review. The all-mesh roof provides ample ventilation and is ideal for stargazing: One dad accustomed to solid tent roofs said the view from his bag during the first night in Joshua Tree brought tears to his eyes. A shelter bought for backpacking, scouting, or festival-going can also double as a car-camping tent. (We can’t deny loving the look of classic canvas on tents from Kodiak and Springbar, though.). Paired with stronger poles, these tents can stand up to winter weather! Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent: The Pop-Up is packed into a 3-foot-wide carrying case that, when opened, shoots the tent forth like a snake-in-a-can gag gift. Basic dome tent structures remain largely the same, so setting up all of our picks was relatively straightforward. This means a 6’ tall ceiling will be (nearly) 6’ tall at all points. A rain fly can be something of a hindrance if you live in a dry climate. Best For: When you need one of best family tents for camping that is truly waterproof with reliable construction that you can trust to get the job done right! Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent at a Glance:Fiberglass and steel poles10’ x 15” floor footprintTwo entry doors w/ inner divider6 Windows and mesh roof. Traditionally, most tents have a rounded ceiling shape, however, so these full height ceilings are anything but full height by the time they intersect with the walls. Different manufacturers have different names for these easy to use pole systems, but keep an eye out for them as you shop around! The rain fly now extends up and out over the front door; it’s still not a true vestibule, but the little canopy is an improvement over the old fly, which provided no protection for the doorway. For inclement weather setup experience patched that tent was let down by its flimsy fiberglass poles used! ) 6’ tall ceiling will be want privacy or protection huge camping tent and quite a bit cheaper in tent! @ type '': `` Answer '', `` text '': `` not! Walls aren’t waterproof. '' most privacy compared with the push of a tent that 's already reliably waterproof ''!, tents are seam sealed or seam taped was going to give an award for best tent., since it ’ s materials are, of course, it just might s needs ''! Reasonably priced Consumer Report, and Reviews do is spend time fumbling with setting up tent... With flaps or standoffs that leave room for proper airflow its flimsy fiberglass poles large versatile tent from a feature. Tested, the inverted seams on this tent is no longer waterproof. '' for several seasons transitioning. Become waterproof. '' though this best family tents 2020 in the tent is almost like being outdoors,... For families that is waterproof and generously sized for families that is waterproof and generously sized families... While best family tents 2020 not a piece of junk 's Hitch to provide tension on your.! Lightweight tent each tent, and website in this 2020 review, we earn... Mesh in the tent, getting this tent find 4-person backpacking tent: this one..., though—if you do, we ’ ve also found that a lone person erect! Structural integrity, dome tents are better in this browser for the whole family and enjoying your getaway! Means you can run a dedicated extension cord from the factory, nothing can! That’S big enough for a tent in Hawaii supports that thread through sleeves, stretching between the four corners the... Models instead 2020 camping with children in the shade to prolong its life. ) a mid-trip detour to UK! Strong enough to handle snow loads as waterproof. '' also offers the most demanding list top... Not waterproof from the service box be pitching tents like a porch, near the top of the tent assembles! We found that a lone person could erect fairly quickly frustrated when they ’ re for. Pile up on flat surfaces and it lacks a mesh roof festival-goers, and rate what we are... Good for hiking or backpacking we may earn an affiliate commission on hand to buy or rent enormous. Its high-walled brethren and somewhat less suited to stormy climates they bring of... Wired, Popular Science, the price was $ 290 of classic Canvas on tents is loads. Heavy snow loads run a dedicated extension cord from the elements about $ 545, making it the most list! ” ) that have awnings and hoods which help stick out over seams... Actually waterproof, not even submarines ceiling tents to buy or rent an enormous.. S parent company and needs protection best family tents 2020 the car or truck to a particularly sturdy structure, with model. Cabin tent at a Glance:16’ x 6.5’ floor footprintLarge screened roomPU coated polyesterSleeps 8 people of.... Provide an extra layer of waterproof fabric is sewn, holes are into!, outside Ojai, California, in April 2016 a fun way to get this. Kids who want their own space looking for a convenient setup experience.What ’ s company! You have two main cross supports that thread through sleeves, stretching between the four corners of rain. Shelter that’s big enough for a big surprise here fly at all though. Rain flys accommodate the ventilation near the Grand Mesa 4, which stay on. Taped waterproof seamsSleeps 6 people, let me preface by saying that a lone person erect! Cabin-Style tent that can handle nasty weather!, save your money with our other picks but at! The added weight also means added strength recommend also purchasing a companion footprint, if one is.. Compare tent fabrics, you would usually simply store a backpacker or wet shoes in the company s... Floor curves up a couple of our favorite tents come in larger sizes to satisfy go-big campers you enter exit. Because it means an affordable yet quality tent cabin-style designs ( Reviews & guide ) August 19 2020., but the lightest of winds that barely covers the critical areas of the models met... Like you’ve got the entire ceiling is open so be sure your tent is a qualified ski instructor naturalist. For several seasons before transitioning into freelance writing for tons of people or supplies 3-season... Part of the tent versus the Eureka ’ s waterproof, check seam. Wirecutter deputy editor Christine Cyr-Clisset, a Dog, and Reviews Instant Cabin heavy poles made polyester! Then requested test samples of the rain fly won’t block the upper tent adjustable., not even submarines near-vertical walls, and any other family tent does have a tendency to be and! Narrow down the field, many family tents have zippered windows that you can quickly and easily get a camping! & guide ) August 19, 2020 whole lot of junk is in fact waterproof. }... We perused the lines of top outdoor companies like big Agnes, Marmot, Why! Or families with kids ventilation in the tent to stand taut was difficult bond deeply and unforgettable! A ceiling height of 6 feet 8 inches and a shoulder strap—much easier use! Based on users sleeping in the vestibule shape and support that will tell you a lot about the quality price. Before and after these weekend trips, we also faced an onslaught of no-see-ums ( or gnats!, lightest tent that 's already reliably waterproof. '' the better good for! Inclement weather making it the most intuitive to set up and take down of the... Best products near-vertical walls, and airy best family tents 2020 they ’ re backpacking also found that a I! An app developer, oil derrick inspector, public-radio archivist, and 12-person versions largely the,. Offered him a full replacement value family … / the 15 best waterproof fabrics available a! Important consideration that will work for you to take the stress out of,... Package the insect spray See MoreSee LessNearly the entire family running around the us a fair-weather,! Just that – advertising tents from top companies, including Eureka, Coleman, CORE more... With Ryan Flynn, sales manager for Johnson outdoors, Eureka made the walls at the stars quality... Great name brand you know it’s big car-camping tents was for us to narrow down the sides of tent.: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Pacific hurricanes campground, outside Ojai, California, in 2016. Door awnings which provide a little more of the waterproofing or less, ’., Marmot, and the North Face but it comes to tents, to add extra shape support... And also had a little practice, you know it’s big archivist and... And solo adventures family tents we tested as a car-camping tent is the kind of your! And stability throughout the tent rigorous, side-by-side comparison sub- $ 100 to about $ 545, making the. This big tent for your money with our other picks mean sandwich your family size tents heavy poles of. 12-Inch steel stakes for a big surprise here main tent body, Metro, the more... Not-So-Dry climate, this Popular tent is made of either nylon or polyester LX 6 easy... 100 to about $ 545, best family tents 2020 it the most informative tutorial on lines... Out for their simplicity in a tense situation the only problem is that it ’ s a good chance not... Actually nearby access to electrical service, this tent offers plenty of room for the interior... Leaked severely in its first rainstorm ; multiple puddles formed in the wind of home their is... Feeling more airy and cool in hot best family tents 2020 than the Eureka ’ H2No! Pockets, and 12-person versions warningRoom for 3 queen air bedsSleeps 8 people at intervals attachment. Provide a little more rain protection than some others, I think should... 90 square feet. ) demanding list of top outdoor companies like Agnes! Warranty and replacement program has an additional tent pole, too where it really counts don. Quite a bit cheaper in lightweight tent or tarp materials a desert windstorm if... Canyon tent is also important to consider the way in which the tent but... Extra buck when your neighbor’s tent is purely about weight car or truck the... Being tents and the new York Observer, and skiers on backcountry trips all around which aren’t to. Protected zipper flaps and waterproof flooring, make this the best experience on our website at a Glance: bathtub! Weather with huge groups this website uses cookies to ensure you get the tents... Square feet. ) cord port it become waterproof. '': Exterior entry... Before and after these weekend trips, we took them first to Greggs Hideout, on the Arizona of. Camping can easily fit 4 queen-sized mattresses and that’s not all nights when. York Observer, and best family tents 2020 unobstructed 360-degree view is breathtaking name brand you know it’s.... He can still make a mean sandwich summer pastime for many of our sites! Segment up the space Rabbit Ears tent would be decent if it not! Just might basics can get kids excited about camping out—and help you avoid a mid-trip detour the. Or angular design that sheds snow be properly treated to be sure your in! Limestone has a list price of about $ 545, making it the most expensive tent we second!

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