San Diego, CA | A San Diego Zoo employee has been hospitalized and is lying in critical condition after allegedly trying to sexually assault a Giant Pacific Octopus. BBC Big Blue Live presenter Matt Baker gets "hickey-ed" by a very friendly octopus! As James Wallen said, no right thinking octopus would attack a human. Some now believe it could be a disease attacking … Blue-ringed octopi bites are lethal to humans because of the creatures’ venom. The 28-year-old employee was found partially naked and unconscious when security agents discovered the young man and alerted an ambul The attacking octopus had only a three-foot (91 cm) span, but it was large enough to pull the child under the water. They are very opportunistic feeders, and it is thought that they may not be above even attacking humans. In his 1896 short story The Sea Raiders, HG Wells describes a world where sentient octopuses and squid patrol the coast of Devon, England, feasting on human flesh. Especially when it comes to the way we treat living, breathing, animals.. And so, as many news organisations have been reporting, we come to the story of a fishing enthusiast in Washington state who found an octopus and - yes, you know what's coming - put it on her face.. Share Link Octopus Attacks Crab on Land Feb. 24, 2015 - In the Western Australian town of Yallingup, a woman captured this footage of an octopus attacking and capturing a crab on shore. The octopus is a magnificent and mysterious creature. In the new Netflix documentary "My Octopus Teacher" this tender moment moves you in a way you never thought an octopus tentacle wrapped around a human hand could. It’s one of the sci-fi master’s sillier stories. The venom can kill more than 20 humans in just a few minutes, though this is extremely unlikely to happen. The answer, it turns out, is: very. Along with the typical octopus prey of shellfish, shrimp, crabs, and small fish, the giant Pacific octopus has been known to attack and eat sharks and sea birds, plucking gulls from the surface and pulling them down to eat. 6 Use What You Have Got Imagine being in the water, being grabbed by something, and everyone in view being too frightened to lend you a hand. See, octopuses are nowhere near as cuddly as their reputation suggests. After all, how scary can a sea-based villain made of squishy stuff be? But humans can also be stupid.