no government or social system can interfere with this. (The following is a summary of Dignitatis Humanae, of the Second Vatican Council. It became, however, almost immediately a lightning rod for conservative attacks. In order to be faithful to the divine command, “teach all nations,” the Christian faithful should carefully attend to the sacred and certain doctrine of the Church. was officially recognized and protected by the state, had substantial control over social policy, and, had this relationship explicitily set out in a, First draft submitted by the Council for Promoting Christian Unity, First draft submitted by Theological Commission, The version of the Declaration first debated as Chapter V of Declaration on Ecumenism – Textus prior, Modified version at the end of third session – Textus emendatus, Further modified version debated as separate Declaration on Religious Freedom – Textus re-emendatus, a more conservative party stressing a return to the patristic and scriptural sources (, another stressing to some extent the continuation of. 4. As an antidote, Humanae Vitae calls for societal promotion of “true human values,” such as encouraging commitment in marriage which leads to stable families, which will in turn enable more families to welcome children into a loving, more economically sound unit. /*